Airline Accident Lawyer Discusses How the Montreal Convention Protects You During International Travel

Airline Accident Lawyer Discusses How the Montreal Convention Protects You During International Travel

Whether you’re flying halfway around the world it’s important to know your rights. As the recent disturbing incident involving a passenger violently removed from a United Airlines flight shows, few airline passengers are aware of their rights. What happens if you’re injured on a flight? What if another passenger assaults you? What if you trip […]

Airline Accidents: Can Asia’s Aviation Industry Recover From So Many Disasters?

New York mass disasters lawyer outlines 9 of the worst mass disasters inside of New York City since 1900.

International airline accident lawyer examines the challenges faced by Asia’s aviation industry following a string of major plane crashes in recent years. Over the course of the last few years, Asia’s aviation industry has seen a string of incidents that have impacted the reputation of airlines like AirAsia when it comes to the public’s perception […]

Bloomberg Interview: Aviation Accident Attorney Jonathan C. Reiter Discusses Recently Imposed FAA Israel Flight Restrictions

Aviation Accident Attorney Jonathan Reiter

NEW YORK, July 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — New York based aviation accident lawyer Jonathan C. Reiter offered his legal perspective on the FAA’s decision to expand a ban on flights in conflict zones during a recent interview with Bloomberg. The decision was made by the agency after a projectile from Gaza landed near a major […]

Jonathan C. Reiter a prominent New York aviation accident attorney mentioned in the press

Jonathan C. Reiter

Jonathan Reiter, a prominent New York aviation-accident attorney, said flying into an airport after a near-miss by a rocket could be used to show that the airline was negligent. That explains why the airlines are suspending service to Israel. “I’m sure it is human concern as well,” Reiter said, “but I think (the airlines) feel […]

Airlines scrap Israel flights over missile fear


When U.S. and European airlines quickly canceled flights to Israel Tuesday, they showed both a skittishness and a new sense of urgency in dealing with global trouble spots following last week’s downing of a passenger plane over Ukraine. Delta Air Lines turned around one of its jets midflight and indefinitely canceled all future flights between […]