Questions for a Plane Crash Attorney: What Are the Rights of Passengers in International Airplane Accidents?

International plane accident attorney helps families of victims cut through the red tape to get answers after an international airline accident.

When a person is killed in an airplane accident on an international flight, including a flight that crashes outside of the borders of their home country, many fears arise for their loved ones. How will or can one bring home their remains? What treatment will they be subjected to in seeking answers about what happened? These are just two examples of the many concerns families of victims have. An international airline accident tragedy also leaves families of victims with questions pertaining to liability, and what the rights of passengers are in seeking to hold liable parties accountable for damages.

Surviving family members of victims of airplane crashes may suffer emotional trauma for a lifetime. An experienced aviation accident attorney can help the grieving family members in a variety of ways. The airline may be contacting family members to arrange for retrieving personal effects of the decedent, making travel arrangements to the site of the crash and other details. In the process, the airline may be seeking to interview family members and gather information from them that may help them defend a lawsuit that they know will be coming in the future. It is a good idea to retain an experienced aviation attorney to deal with the airline directly and shield the family from direct contact with the airline’s investigators who may wish to obtain taped or written statements.

Aviation accident attorneys advocate for families in these types of cases by prosecuting claims for wrongful death. There is typically no arbitrary limit or cap on damages in an international airline accident. International airline crashes are governed by the Warsaw and Montreal Conventions, which are international treaties that limit damages to $75,000 per passenger. However, almost every major airline has signed the IATA agreement that voluntarily waives this limitation. The IATA agreement also provides for a minimum payment to each passenger’s family of 100,000 SDR’s (Special Drawing Rights, an international monetary unit). This equates to approximately $140,000 at the present time and fluctuates over time. This minimum amount does not prevent the family from recovering millions of dollars in a wrongful death lawsuit in an appropriate case.

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