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What types of cases does attorney Jonathan C. Reiter handle?

Our attorneys have recovered more than $150 million in settlements and verdicts for clients in the United States and worldwide. We’re renowned for our work on airplane accidents in New York and around the world. We also have a strong track record of success with medical malpractice cases and a broad spectrum of other negligence claims, including:

  • Medical misdiagnosis
  • Mass transit accidents
  • Auto accidents
  • Other personal injury and wrongful death claims
If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in an airline/aviation accident, it’s important to hire a knowledgeable and experienced aviation attorney to represent you in court. Jonathan C. Reiter has represented victims of aviation/airlines accidents from New York as well as many other states and foreign countries. Attorney Mr. Reiter obtained the highest verdict for a single passenger in the EgyptAir 990 crash ($3.6 million including interest). This case was the first to award loss of society damages to a victim’s sisters, brother and cousin as dependent relatives under the Death on the High Seas Act, in addition to awarding substantial damages to the victim’s parents. [Read More…]

There are number of factors that could lead to or cause an aviation/airline accident. New York Airline Accident Lawyer Mr. Reiter has experience representing victims of aviation/airline accidents caused by:

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